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Tuition at Thales College

Tuition at Thales College is $4,000 per 15-week term, with eight terms required to earn a degree.

Students earn an entire bachelor's degree at Thales College for less than the cost of a single year at a typical private college. We operate on a year-round calendar, allowing students to complete their degrees in roughly three years. Our students will be working, earning, and contributing to their communities well before their peers graduate at traditional colleges and universities.

Thales College Degree Track
Entrepreneurial Business or Classical Education Leadership
+ Liberal Arts & Sciences
$32,000Total Cost for degree*
8 TermsTotal Duration ✝︎
Mechanical Engineering
+ Liberal Arts and Sciences
$40,000Total Cost for degree*
10 TermsTotal Duration ✝︎
per Term
Total Cost
for degree*
Total Time
for Degree
8 Termsor 2.66 calendar years

*Additional expenses include books, transportation, living expenses, and technology. All students are required to own a laptop computer and have access to wifi. Please note that Thales College is a non-residential campus.


All students are encouraged to participate in paid internships, to develop professional skills and contribute to their college tuition. We accept scholarships from private institutions, but we do not accept government loans or grants. We are committed to ensuring students can pay tuition with the income earned from internships or part-time employment throughout their time in college.

At Thales College, we believe a college education should be within reach for every student. Our commitment to affordability allows students to focus on achieving their dreams.

Thales College awards a variety of scholarships in each class based on merit. Visit our scholarships page for more information and to apply.