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Entrepreneurial Business

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Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurial Business

A business degree inspired by a practical and humane vision of life and work.


The B.A. in Entrepreneurial Business:

  • Teaches a philosophy of entrepreneurship and the free market alongside topics including finance, management, accounting, business law, and data analytics
  • Develops entrepreneurial thinkers who balance theoretical wisdom with practical skills
  • Offers professional mentoring and internships with Raleigh-area firms, providing valuable real-world experience and networking well ahead of graduation


Thorough preparation for any business career

The Entrepreneurial Business program thoroughly prepares students to lead and contribute in any type of business or management role. Students learn the finer details of effective business, including decision making, the role of economics in real-world dynamics, people management, accounting, business law, and other topics. Experts, known as the “Masters,” in the field of business are studied at length, and lessons are sourced from our founder’s 45+ years of experience in entrepreneurship.

An entrepreneurial mindset is helpful at all levels of business

Mastering entrepreneurial skills is valuable in any type of business career, regardless of whether you start your own company. Most growth companies within the free market are entrepreneurial businesses, and all individuals within these organizations have an entrepreneurial role to play—whether serving as executives or contributing as team members. When all individuals within a company or organization embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, the entire company prospers, as all members of the team are working to improve and grow the organization.

Thales College business students learn the art of gaining this entrepreneurial mindset–how to develop it, how to continue to grow it over time, and how to maintain a startup culture even within a large company. By maintaining entrepreneurial values over the long term, organizations and the individuals within them can continue to grow and advance in significant ways.

Our philosophy of business encompasses human creativity, the dignity of work, virtue, entrepreneurship, and free market economics. Entrepreneurial Business majors study the Masters of business, including Peter Drucker, Andy Grove, Clayton Christensen, Ken Iverson, Andrew Carnegie, and others. Courses cover accounting, business law, effective management, capital allocation, the vocation of business, ethical integrity, marketing, and others. Beginning in Term 3, students intern at local firms in the greater Raleigh area to apply their knowledge in a real business setting. By sampling a variety of business organizations and roles in a low-risk environment, interns can determine the types of careers they hope to pursue. In addition, the professional connections made during the internship process allow students to secure employment more easily in the future. Thales College Entrepreneurial Business graduates are poised to succeed in any type of business role.


  • BUS 140 Accounting I
  • BUS 160 Accounting II
  • BUS 180 Philosophy of Business and Effective Management
  • BUS 200Business Development and Selling Your Ideas
  • BUS 220 Financial Modeling in Excel
  • BUS 240 Corporate Finance
  • BUS 260 Capital Allocation: Investments for Business
  • BUS 320 International Finance
  • BUS 340 Product Design
  • BUS 360 Marketing
  • BUS 380 Business Law & Ethics I
  • BUS 440 Business Law & Ethics II
  • BUS 460 Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • BUS 500Business Strategies
  • MSC 240 Data Analytics for Business